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The Doors of Demise (Worst Game Ever Contest) [MacOS]

The Doors of Demise (Worst Game Ever Contest) [MacOS] 2016-11-27

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[NOTE: This game is part of "The Worst Game Ever Contest." I would like to request that no spoilers be revealed about this game. If you have a question or comment, please "Start a Conversation" with me, @MinisterJay. Please do NOT put spoilers within contest thread. Please do NOT write me a profile post. Please do NOT ask questions about the game in the Discussion part of this resource. Acceptable Discussion replies include: "This games sucks!", "No you did not!", "This is the WORST GAME EVR!", etc. Certain game mechanics may be intentional. Any and all spoilers will be deleted as soon as discovered. Thank you.]

Welcome to The Doors of Demise. If life sometimes we are faced with different doors. When facing these doors, once we commit to one, the other often disappears. Join our HERO, as he faces doors that cannot only provide wealth and riches beyond you imagination, but may also result in the face-to-face meeting with The Grim Reaper.


Introducing a new Battle System, named RBBS, Reality Based Battle System, where new features and factors or incorporated in SideView Battles. Ranged weapon usage may only occur when the character/enemy is does not directly being engaged by opposing character/enemy melee attacks. Likewise magic users may lose the casting of a spell if being physically engaged by another. There are bonuses for hitting an opposition target from behind. The characters are assigned to different parts of the battle area, pre-engagement, unless they were ambushed.


Also introducing the Phase Elemental. It changes color just before attacking depending on which attack is chooses: ice, gloom, fire, and earth.

The following artists have made significant contributions to the way and feel of the title screen shown, and the battle back, enemies, and characters shown above. These are Xyphien, biggislims, and Thalzon.


MinisterJay, and his company, JABHA Creativity, are not responsible for any person's mental state during or after playing this game.
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