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Spider-Man Character Sets and SV Battlers

MV 1.1 Spider-Man Character Sets and SV Battlers 2018-09-30

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Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite Marvel Super-Heroes; so I thought I would try my hand at creating some character sheets for him. Hope you all enjoy them!

Terms of Use & Credit Template
Characters were created using the base MV characters and clothing that comes from the Kadokawa RPG Maker MV character packs. Some character eyes were created with the help of Random and Mysterious Thing's generated materials. Also, I used one of WhtDragon's templates to help create the Doctor Octopus chara and one of Jack Saintsworth's hair generated materials for Miles Morales hair.
Non-Commercial: (Should only be used in a fan game)
Commercial: Not-Allowed
Repost: Yes (a link back to this thread would be nice)
Edits: Allowed (a link back to this thread would be nice)
Repost of Edits: Yes (a link back to this thread would be nice)
Maker Required: RPG Maker MV
Note: Still pretty new at this so if I did something wrong or credited incorrectly, or missed a credit to someone; please just let me know so I can fix it.
Last Updated: 9-30-2018

Spider-Man - Character Set 01
(Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, & Mysterious Things)
Spider-Man Character Set 01.png

Spider-Man - Character Set 02
(Credit: GalacticGod & Kadokawa)
Spider-Man Character Set 02.png

Miles Morales (Spider-Man) Set
(Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, Jack Saintsworth, & Mysterious Things)
Miles Morales 01.png

Spider-Man - Supporting Character Set 01
(Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, Random, & Mysterious Things)
Spider-Man Supporting Character Set 01.png

Spider-Man Villain Set
(Credit: GalacticGod, WhtDragon, & Kadokawa)
Spider-Man Villians 01.png

Spider-Man SV Battler
(Credit: GalacticGod & Kadokawa)
Spider-Man SV Battler.png
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