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SF Door Edits (2x Height)

SF Door Edits (2x Height) 2016-01-27

No permission to download
Uh, hey. Forgot I had these, actually. I went looking for two-tile doors about a month ago, and I found some for the normal sets, but nobody seemed to have made any for the SF doors, so I thought I would make my own. They're nothing spectacular, but they should suffice. I'm more proud of the second set than the first, to be honest, since I had to use the tilesets to actually edit them, whereas the first ones were mostly resizing and rescaling, although more work doesn't necessarily mean higher quality, but really, it isn't that noticeable, so I hope these will be useful until the time when or if somebody else makes better ones. Or maybe they already have, I haven't exactly checked since I made these.

...Wow, I just reread that and that was an incredibly long run-on sentence back there. Sorry, grammar experts. But, um, anyway, feel free to use these in any project and credit me if you want, but you don't have to.
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Good resource, but you didn't give any information about if we can use it in any project(commercial or free), if credits are necessary,etc
Nice job, bro!
Thanks and I will use and credit it to you!
Nice! You did a good job of scaling/editing these cleanly. :)