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Sans of Undertale

Sans of Undertale MV

No permission to download
So I spent like 4 or so hours on this bad boy! My creators bro added One punch man to his game only for testing purposes so he can get through the hords of random encounters at lightning speed and get to the events and such needing testing. So I was like: Huh, that's not a bad idea but I don't wanna copy him soooo:

BAM! Made me a Sans and thought I'd share him with you all. His hoodie even bounces as he walks! Best part? His hands are always in his pockets as he walks to! No swinging arms for mr. lazybones! I will be working on a SV battler for him so if you want it it's comeing! Obviously I don't own Sans as a character but credit for sprite usage would be appreciated~
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Alcha Emy
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I love Sans! It will surprise my kid when he sees this in my next mini game!
Alcha Emy
Alcha Emy
Thanks! I'm workin on SV battler to!
Some of the shading and outlining is a bit too defined (the sharp black outlines on the smile/jacket compared to some of the softer edges like on the pants), but you did a good job making Sans' design work in MV style. :)
Alcha Emy
Alcha Emy
Thanks for the tips and review!