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Rachdale Cheese Demo

Rachdale Cheese Demo Teaser..!

No permission to download
The latest version is in the form of a 'Teaser', allowing a run through sevral different stages of the Game, chosen from a graphic Map Menu...
It can be played on the Web here ... Rachdale Cheese Teaser ...
The full Game to date is also hosted on t'web, here ... Rachdale Cheese Demo ..., entirely playable. No download or zip file to mess about with; just click the link and test away..! Credits will be added mentioning anyone who comments on the Demo. Thanks in advance...

There's also a link to a Google Drive folder containing the Windows 'zip' files, and a Mac_OSX folder containing the Mac versions, of both the full Game to date and the complete 'Teaser'here...

Rachdale Cheese Demo, 'zipped' files for Windows and Mac ...

Use whichever suits; they were compiled from the same source. Let me know if there are any access problems, please..?
The challenge was to do an RPG without the aid of plugins or scripts.
The RPG is rather simplistic, with a young lad in a remote village exploring the world and combating evil. Yes, one of those. I've tried to keep a bit of interest in the tale, with hundreds of differing conversations, gifts as reward for speaking to NPC's, breakable items needing repair, a Diary, which helps explain the story as one advances etc. Oh, yes; there are Jackanapes, too, that'll as soon steal your Gold as give a nasty bite, recipes for combining foods, and much more.
I post it here hoping to collect your collegial wisdom in pointing out any improvements, glaring errors (there should be none, or few, of course..!) or difficulties encountered. As a rough guide, and given that I know (obviously..!) all the best ways of doing things, that it takes me a couple of hours to leave the Village, and twice that to beat the first of two Mini-Bosses. There are puzzles, enigmas and some chicken-chasing involved, too.
Although no stranger to programming, this is my first RPG. I'm aware that it's not likely to shake the foundations of the genre, but rather shines by its modesty, I trust.
Thanks in advance for trying it out, doubly so if you come back with comments of any sort (I accept brickbats, even, although less graciously than compliments..!); meanwhile...
Have a nice day
Dad3353 (Douglas...)

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Latest reviews

One thing I really like is the music!
I also really like that the game is very simple,
the story is non-linear, you're just a man looking
for an income. But Goshh!The Music
Thanks very much for having tried this.
Yes, it's a Teaser, or Demo, and so is not complete. It's just to enable a view of some of the Maps, without having to go through the full Game. There is a story, but it's not evident in the Teaser, for lack of continuity.
As for the music... Glad you liked it. There, too, there is an underlying theme to much of it, to hold the scenes together. Further Maps are in development as are more musical offerings...
It's an interesting game, I like the concept and love the randomness of it all. there is very little storytelling &converstations and it takes long time to progress trough the game.
Thanks for the revue; it's appreciated.
This is a 'Teaser', designed to give a view of some scenes in the complete Game. In doing that, a lot of the continuity and story-line has been sacrificed. Yes, it's long to complete the whole Game, and some of the Maps are quite difficult. Others not seen here are even more so..!