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Present Night 1.2

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Present Night

A small game with an Atari-esque artstyle. Now updated to v1.2, with less bugs, enhancements to dialogue and updated text. Submitted in the Christmas Game Jam by Salt. In this game, you play a European version of the Santa Claus - like tradition. Play as Black Piet and help Sinterklaas bring as many presents as you can!

How to play:

Arrow keys to move
Shift button to run
Enter button to select choice/interact/ play dialogue
Esc button to cancel choice/ open menu

About the game:

It is almost midnight on December 5th. Children are fast asleep. Meanwhile, Sinterklaas with his horse and Black Piet hop from house to house to bring presents and joy to the good children. Since you're new, you will be handling a smaller neighboorhood. Try to deliver as many presents as you can before you have to return to Spain!

Sinterklaas' trusty horse, Horsy is here to help too! He will be throwing the presents
on the rooftops, while you manouver towards the nearest chimneys to deliver these presents to the children. But watch out, for there is a timer ticking down. For each you present you give, you get points. You can also get bonus points for bringing them at a fast rate. Try to go for a high score!

The game can be enjoyed in Dutch or English. Download the game on itch.io or play it there online.
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