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MV 1.3 Outside TileSet B Pencil Sketch 2018-09-28

No permission to download
Doing a tile set for my project, used the basic tileset to test. Figured upload it if anyone wants a Pencil Black and White for an old fashion map.
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  1. Black and white tileset complete

    So went ahead and finished the whole set as an added bonus included Starbird's overworld set...

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This is a great idea. some my ask why and for them that don't know this is good for people with Epilepsy. Colors can give them grand mall's. You should to the hole set for the people that don't know how to use photo editors yet. @}----,----'------ a rose for u
I actually planned on that but got side tracked with another project I had been working on...just ball started rolling and next thing you know got reminded of this by you..give me a few days and I will :-)