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One Day Left: The Scroll of Jikan [MAC_OS]

One Day Left: The Scroll of Jikan [MAC_OS] 2016-11-11

No permission to download
Seth and his friends, Kornin and Chuck planned on robbing Lord Valden's mansion. Each had there own reason. Kornin wanted exotic jewelry. Chuck wanted gems. Lastly, Seth heard that Lord Valden could control time, even freezing it, and Seth wanted to know how. He specifically wanted to know how to freeze time...

How to play:

Read the dialogue and story carefully. It may appear to be the same scenes over and over, there may be subtle differences and hints.

For optimal game experience, use the [Enter] key and arrow keys. Mouse usage may not function, as desired, in some areas.

Note: Seth and others may answer the question, "How are you doing?", with "I am doing good.", instead of "I am doing well." There may also be an intentional misuse of a preposition. ;) These are all intentional.



Plugins: RPG Maker MV (Dan Deptula) and Himeworks
Artwork: Confusion by Deivionic
Game Dev: MinisterJay with JABHA Creativity
First release
Last update
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