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MV-Tan custom emotionset

MV-Tan custom emotionset 2016-01-23

No permission to download
Custom MV-Tan faceset made from scratch. SORRY to EVERYONE who has been working on something like that please still upload it, my style doesnt match the rtp anyways! I-i dont wanna steal your working idea or anything! I'm making this for improving art purposes please dont hurt me!

Free to use for anyone who wants to use it but credit @Lulu for the character and me cunechan for the graphic. The full emoset is only for those who download it.
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4.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Cute, but there are a lot of issues with contrast in her skin and eyes. The eyes are too bright, while her face isn't defined enough to stand out. The main issue with that is it makes her cloak look like it's just her shoulders. You're improving, though! Keep it up!
Thanks for this straight criticism. I've had mixed feelings about her eyes and coat before and know I know why XD Still trying to figure out a drawing style and might post an improved version. Thanks Amy~
Cunechan, you have a great art style, I really enjoy the way your resources turn out, keep up the good work and thank you for sharing with us.
Thank you :D that means much for me to have someone paying attention to my work~