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Music Effects Set - Victory/Defeat

Music Effects Set - Victory/Defeat 2016-04-04

No permission to download
Here's a bunch of ME's that I decided to try my luck at making. They're all short and should stimulate what they're meant to. Enjoy! No credits (unless you want to give it!) needed for these and can be used in any project.

(Sorry guys, no preview link to listen on these.)
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These are good for me... Well for some, some of the lengths are too long actually with such good music
They don't really work, especially the victory ones. I think they should be shorter, use more instruments, more fitting scales and better melodies. The Victory1 ME has a good melody but it doesn't work as a victory ME. I've tried them all, and all of them feel off. I could already tell that they were not going to work when I listened to them. The victory MEs are incredibly depressing instead of being satisfying and the defeat MEs just don't work. At least they're free. But I don't recommend them. The Victory2 ME could be better if you got rid of the last two notes and added more instruments and changed the scale slightly. Listen to examples, practice and you'll get better.
Thanks for the feedback lol. These were all made quite some time ago....when I was very very new to using the program I use. I'll prolly make some better ones soon enough! I know how to do it better now.