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Monsters are people too 0.96

No permission to download
The game is about a boy who was raised by monsters. He finds a dark stone that turns the monsters of his hometown against he has to flee and go on an adventure.

monsters are people too background.png

Game features
- non standard storyline
- A few puzzles
- Various battle motion plugins (by Yanfly)
- (a couple of) Custom made battle animations and characters
- a home made 'sad theme' bgm
- an unexpected ending for this demo..
- deployed for windows - let me know if you need a mac version!

- Wind temple at the east end of the map is now playable - although not (yet) integrated in the story.
- Can own and upgrade a house (starts out as a ruin)

Screenshots to get an idea:

screenshot 3.png Screenshot_2.png screenshot 1.png
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

Latest reviews

Combat is quite fun, not a huge fan of random encounters but this game works nicely with it. Puzzles are challenging and are really satisfying to complete. The music, although not my taste, adds a very fitting theme and atmosphere to the game.

Some downsides and the reason I won't quite give this a 5 star (I'd give it a 4.5 though but these forums forbid it) is the typos and relatively strange dialog that your father in the game gives, on top of that the battlebacks are cut down the middle, but that can't really be helped so that's fine; it doesn't ruin the gameplay.

So overall it'd be a 4 star RPG Maker MV game in my eyes, and with the game's version being 0.96 I can't wait for future improvements and addons