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Minimalistic Farm Plugin!

MV 1.3 Minimalistic Farm Plugin! 2016-08-11

No permission to download
Wile it's true you can do this same thing with Events/common events, this plugin makes it a bit easier for people who don't really know how to set up a farm system.

NOTE: this requires upp_core. get it here.
Make sure to put upp_core above all other upp plugins. I'll be updating upp_core in the future, but if you're using an out-dated version of upp_core, you'll get a message at the games startup with an option to download the latest version, so no worries about keeping it updated.

This is 100% free to use both non-commercially and commercially. However, if you wish to donate to support me, you can do so here.


Guide on setting up a basic event (You can get as complex as you want, but this is a basic event setup)

Event page 1: (Set Priority to same as characters)
Plugin CommandstartCrop id time
Control Self Switch:A = ON

where id is the number, and time is the time it takes to grow in seconds.

Event page 2: (Check self switch and select A, and set the trigger to Paralell)

There are 2 things you can do here. both will require a conditional branch. In conditional branch, go the tab 4 and select the "Script" option. Here you can check the progress of the crop using $upp.checkCropStatus(id, time)
where id is the id of the crop, and time is how long its been growing in seconds. Alternatively, you can use $upp.cropComplete(id) to check if the crop is fully grown. We're going to be using this example setup on the second event page.
Play SE:Attack3 (90, 100, 0)
Control Self Switch:B = ON


Now, create yet another event page, this time check self switch box and select B. From here, you can do what ever you want, make sure you give this event the graphic of a fully grown vegetable, fruit, etc.
Also remember to turn self switch A and B off when interacted with, so that you can re-plant the seeds.
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Just curious, hwat is "ID" referring to? Is it the Icon ID?
If I remember, its referring to the Crop ID. Each crop would require its own ID but I may re-write this plugin... depends on if motivated to or not
It's useful for mines and industries as for original use as farm system. :)
thank you
thank you ^ ^
You're welcome =D <3
Great work man, as always. I've been a fan of Harvest Moon for years. Do you have any plans to do a simple tool system (watering can, shovel, hammer, ax) and/or animal system (feed daily, brush, harvest milk or eggs or whatever) to go along with it? There hasn't been a HM starter kit for RPG Maker since XP if I recall.
Maybe yeah, once I overcome this programmers block lol, its going away but even during this development I was doing some very derpy things lol O:
A matter of minutes to get this up and running. Simple and easy; no fuss. Very good work; thanks.