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LTN Core

MV 1.3 LTN Core 1.3..0

No permission to download
Link now points to website hosting all plugins
Just a small update, required for new and updated plugins by me.
I've fixed a developer function bug which caused some issues with a few other plugins to not work correctly.

Added a tile size parameter for changing tile sizes.

Next update I hope to be much larger, all these small updates are killing me.
A required update for Item Categories plugin.
Removed redundant code
Added a few extra developer functions
Added the option to reposition battlers for those who use a larger resolution.
Added the options to rescale background when using a larger resolution.

Converted all bitmap positions and dimensions to whole numbers for better performance and rendering of text, and bitmaps. According to an article, I read whole numbers are faster for rendering.

Added and re-factored a few utility functions for developers.
I've removed font options for now, I believe I will migrate it to a WindowCore plugin instead of it being a part of this main utility core.

Bugfixes on the coding side of things, as well as optimizations.

Added screenshot options, you can select a path and keyboard key to take screenshots of your game while playing.
Added more font options you can now change the font outline size, outline color, font color, and font size.

Added [DataManager.addToSaveContents();] for quicker access to saving objects from plugins. Which also fixes the game saving bug in previous versions.

Added an extra utility function [isObjEmpty()]

Started conversion of for each() loops to for in or for loops. as for each is deprecated.

Changed version number
I know how to make bug hunting easier, just release it tot he public and the motivation to find bugs improve! Anyways I fixed a bug which broke games from being saved. I also removed more redundant code for this current version.
I always seem to break my plugins before uploading due to me making sure unnecessary functions are not included. Doing this caused me to comment out a bracket which broke the whole plugin. This is the fixed update.