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Little Balloons

Little Balloons 2018-05-09

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The world below has ended. An unholy force of nature is tearing life on earth apart like water to tissue paper. The few people who weren't affected fled to islands floating above land. The player takes control of one of these refugees, patiently waiting for the apocalypse to swallow them whole.


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Little Balloons is a traditional adventure game. Pick up items and use them to solve people's problems, or to cause them. Choice, and lack thereof, are important themes that I try to insinuate. As such, the game sports four possible endings depending on non-binary actions taken in gameplay.
Explore all four to get the fullest understanding of the story.

If you have questions or commentary you'd like for me to receive, then feel free to message me on my Twitter: @iblamevictoria

Be aware that this game contains some mature subject matter and imagery
This game only takes about an hour to finish one ending.
BUY THE SOUNDTRACK: https://iblamevictoria.bandcamp.com/album/little-balloons-ost
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Latest reviews

At first, this game kinda dragged on me and I wasn't too captivated but, as I went along, it got better. I loved the first ending and I'm going to try to get the other endings as well Good job!! Keep it up :)