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Light and Shadows (German Version!) (Windows) 2018-02-13

I sell my Game Light and Shadows in it's early Phase. That means, the Game is actually in a Beta, but get every week an little update, until it's completed. This can take much of time and I hope you support my Plan to get a Game about 500+ Hours and about 4 World Maps with 5000+ Quests. Actually the Game have 12 Quests and 2-3 hours of gameplay :) In this early Phase, the Game costs only 5 Dollars, in time of the Updates, the Price goes up! After completion the Game will be cost 40 Dollars. So, be fast and get it Cheap!! :) After buying, every new Version of this Game is for Free!

This is ONLY the German Version, but an English Version is coming soon!
(If you buyed the German Version and want the English version too, it's for free too!)

If you find any bugs, so report them fastly! It would be a great help! :)
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