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Large Choices 2015-10-23

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The Show Choice event command allows you to present players with a set of options that they can choose from. Depending on their selection, your event would respond according to their choice.

By default, RPG Maker provides you with a maximum of 6 choices when you create Show Choice commands. This means that, at anytime, you may present up to 6 choices.

However. what happens if you would like to display 7 choices? Or 8? Maybe more? You would need to come up with a method that will allow players to view all selections, but at the same time work around the 6-choice limitation.

Rather than having to figure out how to do that, this plugin makes your job easier by directly allowing you to create choice selections with more than 6 options:

Need more than 6 choices? Download the plugin and try it out!

For more information and downloads, go to HimeWorks
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Pretty cool
nice job, deff will come in handy one day !
Boo ya, back by popular demand, one of the simplest but best plugins available for RM :) Thank you for creating this and sharing
This is very useful, I like it.