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Item Categories

MV 1.3 Item Categories 1.1.0

No permission to download
DISCONTINUED All plugins will be rewritten and open sourced. http://fenixenginemv.gitlab.io/

Item Categories
Requires LTNCore v 0.8.6 or higher

What does this plugin do?
Allows you to input your own custom categories for your items, which will help you keep that full item list more organized.

Parameter Settings:
  • Change max columns visible for the category commands
  • Custom category parameter for all your custom categories
  • Retain default categories alongside your custom ones or remove the default ones altogether.

All items require a notetag so the plugin knows which item goes into which category.
  • Longhand <Category: Potions>
  • Shorthand <Cat: Potions>
  • Case insensitive which means you can type it how you want it <cat:><CatEgoRY>, who cares as long as it's spelled right.


Compatible with Yanfly item core.

This plugin overwrites a few default Window functions so any plugins which use the same ones(mostly window plugins) may break.

Terms Of Use
Free for use in both non-commercial and commercial products
Please credit me LTN Games if you plan to use this in your product
You may edit this plugin however you like for any of your products
X You cannot share this plugin elsewhere unless given permission by me
even if it's an edited version.
X You cannot claim this plugin as your own.

Most of the plugins I write are free to use commercially, and I put a lot of
hours into the development of my plugins, If you like my work and want to see more of it in the future, I ask that you consider offering a donation.

If you do wish to provide your support, you can do so by sending your contribution via PayPal to: LTNGamesDevelopment@gmail.com
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    Link now points to website hosting all plugins.
  2. Bug fix

    I've fixed a bug which was present in the plugin parameters. It caused categories to not work...

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It doesn't work. I tried using it, and it stays as the default.