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iblamevictoria's Free Music Pack 1

MV 1.3 iblamevictoria's Free Music Pack 1 2017-09-15

No permission to download
I've made a TON of music for game projects I've worked on, and half of the songs never see the light of day. So here's a small sample of finished and mastered tunes that you can use in your own project for free.

If you use my music then be sure to credit me as "iblamevictoria".

All files are in .ogg format so you don't have to convert anything to put them in your game.

As I said in the title, you may use these in commercial or non-commercial projects. Go wild.

If you like what I put out then send a rating my way!
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Latest reviews

This songs are amazing! You're amazing, nice job!

I'm starting with RPGMaker MV and these songs will serve me a lot for the little "projects" that I have in mind:) Excuse me If my english is bad xd
Love some of these titles, especially 'Satanic Sing-along Song' A song title like that needs an evil, but fun, chorus behind it.