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Hunters and Heroes Ad-Free Forever 1.2

No permission to buy (CA$0.99)
Featuring 6 Starting Classes: Squire, Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Solar and Lunar
With 12 additional Prestige Classes available from level 10 on.

Crafting and Equipment Upgrade systems for customizing gear with 180+ Recipes while switching classes on the fly to utilize more then 96 different abilities!
Over 16 Hours of game play for only $1

In Hopes Of Proving Ones Worth,
They Must Start A Journey...
Your journey begins in a small homestead on the continent of Isthania, which is comprised of a collection of independent nations, with different Kings, Matriarchs, and leaders of different varieties. Each governs over his or her nation with different forms of competition, all for the Prize of the Signet Ring from each Capitol. As you venture off on your own, glad to be able to make your mark, it won't take long for you to recruit a slew of companions to aid you in your quest for the Eight Signets Rings. For as the prophecy states;

The one who carries the marks of eight
shall be the one to open the gate
Not given to, For the fights required
to save ones soul from the burning pyre


Produced by Nim Design and Development
Developed By Z and Mu
Title, Home and World, all courtesy of Trash-Chan

Created with the RpgmakerMV Engine
Plugins by Z, Yanfly and Sumrdmdde
Title Image by Mu
First release
Last update
0.00 star(s) 0 ratings

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