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MV 1.3 HP Color Controller R1.04

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I've uploaded a new version of the plugin. This adds a new color (currently referred to as "Warning HP"), along with settings to handle the new color (along with enabling or disabling it).
This update tweaks the logic of picking the colors a bit.

The extension for Yanfly's Visual HP Gauges has also updated with the same tweak, along with a fix for not picking the right color for the HP text.
This update hotfixes a crash cause by a syntax error.
  • Added partial extensibility.
  • Renamed the JavaScript file.
CAUTION: Before updating to the latest version, copy over (or backup) the settings before you update the plugin, as the JavaScript file was renamed to FSDK_HPColor.js . Once you copied them over, remove the old plugin (HPColor.js).
This update provides enhanced support for RPG Maker MV version 1.5.x (and higher). Once you download and refresh the plugin, you can use the new plugin parameters for easier configuration.
-Fixed a crash caused by wrong variables.
-Minor tweak.