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MV 1.3 HP Color Controller R1.04

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This script provides additional hp gauge and text colors similar to the Pokemon series.

This was originally an RGSS3 script but it's ported to RPG Maker MV.

Screenshots(Note: Yanfly's scripts were used during development. It will still work without it.):

Installation and setup:
1. Place the plugin file to your project's js/plugins folder.
2. Place this plugin below any plugin that changes HP Bars as well
(such as Yanfly's Core Engine). If you don't have any of these on your project,
you can place it anywhere.
3. After turning it on, save and playtest. If the game didn't crash after opening the menu and you can see the bars green, the plugin is installed properly.
If you wish to use the HP bar colors set by the other script, turn on the compatibility mode by setting it's value to true. Compatibility mode will simply ignore Normal HP Color 1 and Normal HP Color 2 and will use the preset color (or the other plugin's color, if it rerouted the selection).

Configuration of the colors is explained on help.
Add-ons are found here.
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Latest updates

  1. Version R1.04

    I've uploaded a new version of the plugin. This adds a new color (currently referred to as...
  2. Minor tweak on logic.

    This update tweaks the logic of picking the colors a bit. The extension for Yanfly's Visual HP...
  3. Crash hotfix

    This update hotfixes a crash cause by a syntax error.

Latest reviews

It works great and does what it says it does. Definitely helps us Pokefans a lot!
  • Anonymous
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: R1.03 Revision 1
Thanks You Very much!
Thanks for sharing with the community!