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Hero By Destiny 2018-10-31

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Hero By Destiny

It is a project, originally made for a "Game Jam Rpg maker only RTP" so it contains only RTP graphics, no image editing or plugins. In addition to competing for game jam, one of the main purposes of this project is to learn and try to show what RPG makers can do on their own. So I decided to try to do a battle style similar to Fatal Labirinty or Zelda.

In an unknown medieval age, humans began to be suddenly attacked by monsters who seem to have only one purpose: to decimate the human race. Despite the surprise, the humans formed resistance to face the monsters, but still they were not able to stop them. Humanity cried out to their gods for a hero to come and save them from extinction. But the prayers were not answered ... When the last resistance is being attacked and about to succumb to someone mysterious appears to fight alongside human beings. Is this the trump that humanity expected so much? Or is it ... no?



(left to right, top to bottom)

Carlos - A young and powerful hero who appeared mysteriously to save humanity.
Miranda - A young and mysterious heroine who has mysteriously emerged to save humanity(In future updates).
Fairy - It came from the same place as Carlos and Miranda, but does not know where the three of them came from.
General Monster - He is the leader of the troop of monsters that is invading the castle of the last resistance.
King and Queen (Helena) - They are the king and queen of the castle known to be humanity's last resistance.
General and soldier - Serve the king and the queen.
Dog and Cat - These are two domestic animals that live in the castle.

System and scripts
No plugin was used. By events, a battle system similar to Fatal Labirinty (classic of mega drive) and with distribution of points by level has been done, which I have to thank Corvo from the https://centrorpg.com by its orientations and also to the CT_Bolt of the forum https: // rpgmakermv.co.Both helped me in solving my doubts regarding the construction of the events :)

During the process of building the game in the 3-week period that lasted the game jam, I could not do what I really wanted to do in the game. For reasons of finalizing the game on time, I had to choose to deliver the complete game, rather than not complete it and add everything I wanted. For example, I already noticed in the jam version some bugs and also the credits scene at the end of the game that did not work. For this reason, the game will have two versions. See below:
Jam Version - This is the version of the original game that I delivered to Game Jam within the deadline stipulated by the event. With all the bugs and so on.
Updated version - This will be the version that I will update, correcting bugs and leaving the game really as wanted and not as it was possible to deliver in game jam due to the deadline. Examples of changes will be better maps, bug fixes, improved gameplay, two story modes option (rather than just the hero's in the original version). Anyway this will be the version that I saw of the game and not just the one I "could do" on the jam.
First release
Last update
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