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Glow Spots

Glow Spots

No permission to download
Glow spots & whirl effect that is used as a character along with Galv's MV Character Frame Plugin to give more animation.

Filename: $Glow Spots%(8).png

Glow Spot Preview.gif
Glowing Rainbow Portal.png
<-- Glowing Rainbow Portal
Looks a lot better in game. (cute) The ".gif" file isn't doing much justice. (blush)(facepalm)

...I suppose these might even be useful for an animation... haven't gotten around to testing that yet. (jolly)

Terms of Use:
  1. Feel free to use in Commercial or Non-Commercial games.
  2. You may edit this if you like; Please let me know and post your edit here.
  3. Please do not re-post this anywhere else, link back instead.
  4. Please notify me & credit CT_Bolt if used.
  5. Since this is not an RTP edit this can be used in any game making software, although I would still recommend RMMV.
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