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Gloomier Outside Tileset

MV 1.3 Gloomier Outside Tileset 1.2

No permission to download
A photoshopped version of RPG Maker's default tileset Outside_A1, Outside_A2, Outside_A3, Outside_A4, Outside_B and Outside_C. Made more darker and gloomier by simply changing the hue, contrast, saturation and colour balance.

OutsideGloom_A2.png OutsideGloom_A3.png OutsideGloom_B.png OutsideGloom_A4.png
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Latest updates

  1. Compressed All Files and Darkened the Outisde_B Tree

    Compressed all the files for a quicker download that will perhaps also make your project folder...
  2. Darkened the Outisde_B Tree

    Just a very subtle darkening of the tree in the botom left of the tileset, if you dislike the...