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Geode [Windows & Mac]

Geode [Windows & Mac] 1.0

No permission to download
Made for TheUnproPro's halloween challenge. A very short game, you can probably play the whole thing in about ten minutes.

You play Ryan, a mechanic on a mining rig on a distant, desolate planet. It's all fun and games until an unexpected discovery puts you and everyone else in mortal danger.

Content warnings: alarming situations, some blood/gore

Genre: Horror

Platforms: Download contains versions for both Mac and Windows

Graphics by myself; some music by Joel Steudler; sounds, other music, and ellipses balloon icons are RPG Maker defaults. Created with RPG Maker MV.
Orange Jones
First release
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4.50 star(s) 2 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Download should actually contain the .app now

    Not sure what went wrong the first time, but when I posted the update before, the old .zip was...
  2. The zip now contains both PC and Mac versions

    Same game, bonus platform. The .zip you get when you download now contains a .app file for Macs...

Latest reviews

A very good game! The story is very well crafted, except one thing. I do get that this is a horror game so I'm okay that this one thing scared the living shit out of me, but that one thing that happens almost every room that you go into once your getting chased by monsters is loud as hell, I'm surprised it didn't make me deaf, even more surprised it didn't break my headphones! But to conclude, this game is a very scary and excellent game with the exception of a few things.

*tl;dr* Its a good game, but the roars of the monsters are a bit too loud.
Just enjoy gameplay little short but what to expect from game maked under pressure of low time.