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Generator parts +

MV 1.6.x Generator parts + 1.5

No permission to download
I took some helpful advice from hiddenone ( https://www.hiddenone-sprites.com/ ) and cleaned up the mask and gasmask. I added a few characters & a couple of borders. I removed the ear edits pending permission from Avery.

Dalton Sayre
Statement of Rights
Some images are edits of existing work by either Kadokawa/Yoji Ojima/Enterbrain
or another artist, so you have to own a legal copy of RPG Maker MV.
For my work, credit is appreciated.
All images are free for use in commercial or non commercial projects *(in appliance
with terms by original artist i.e. Kadokawa/Yoji Ojima/Enterbrain or Whtdragon.
If such exists it will be listed below).
Check below for editing/remixing/uploading terms. If none exist, feel free to do so.
I have but one demand, have fun spinning amazing tales, ye bards of contemporary society!
Kadokawa/Yoji Ojima/Enterbrain
Statement of Rights: “©2015 KADOKAWA CORPORATION./YOJI OJIMA”
Attribution of Rights
1. Copyrights, neighboring rights, and all other intellectual property rights pertaining
to the Software (including Company programs and Company Materials) shall belong to the Company.
2. Copyrights, neighboring rights, and all other intellectual property rights pertaining to
user games (excluding Company programs and Company Materials) and materials created by the
User (text, music, images, etc.) shall belong to the relevant user game and the User who
produced the relevant materials.
Jack Saintsworth
Black Hair Generator Parts
Statement of Rights: Jack Saintsworth's page:
So, I plan to release my generator additions that I make for myself here, for everyone else to use.
All of these can be used freely in any way you wish. Commercial or non-commercial.
As usual, Just credit Jack Saintsworth."
Dalton Sayre
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Generator Parts + v1.5

    Added new characters Fixed outfit color issue Tweaked Gasmask