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Final Chaos - Saving Chevallia Demo 1.0 (PC Only, Mac coming soon)

Final Chaos - Saving Chevallia Demo 1.0 (PC Only, Mac coming soon) 2016-12-05

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The Story takes place in a world called Continetria, which is divided into 7 nations. The largest of the nations is Chevallia. There has been a war going on for over 30 years between Chevallia and their neighboring nation the Grevas Empire, lead by Darius of Darkness. Darius is an immortal being that is called a Possagic. A Possagic is a being who possesses the power of a certain element in the world. Most Possagics names are followed by the element they control. In Darius's case it is Darkness via "of Darkness"

The army of Chevallia is called the "Golden Army" and are ready to finally end the fight and destroy Darius, but it's coming at a cost. They aren't making any progress and continuously losing good soldiers. There is one hope for the Chevallian army, the guardian. The bad thing is there hasn't been a guardian for hundreds of years.

The Guardian of Continetria wields the Sword of Elements which chooses it's wielder, but whoever wields the sword will gain a power of each Possagic they kill. In the wrong hands it will be dangerous. In the right hands it can end all conflict.

Embark on the adventure with characters from all parts of Chevallia, living in this world of conflict. How will it end, who will be triumphant in this horrible war...


-Knowledge Point System - Earn Knowledge points after battles to purchase abilities for your characters.

-Will Power System - Much like MP, but you don't want it to fall too low or it will be hard to gain back up. You must increase your bravery and keep it steady to have your will power at a reasonable level.

-World Map Click & Travel - Click on a location and your character will move their. Similar to the Final Fantasy Tactics World map style.

-Save Anywhere - Tired of having to look and find a save point, well don't have to now. You can save anywhere at anytime.

Main Characters


Game Genre:

Fantasy RPG


A game by Grantronic4 Productions

Grant Poulin

Design/Maps & Eventing:
Grant Poulin

Kevin Macleod
Aaron Krogh
Kairi Sawyer
Jeremiah George
Darren Curtis


RPG maker MV
First release
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