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Farm Life 2040 1.1

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20 years after the Barbarian Invasion was successfully ended, peace crept upon the land. Most of the cities razed, the few survivors were left to eke a out a living with an increasing number of monsters while taking up the Old Ways of Agriculture to earn their sustenance.

In Farm Life 2040, you play Jack the Rancher on a quest to raise enough money to purchase some furnishings for your Spartan home. Your goal's are simple and the game short, but it's an amusing romp through the 6 Day World of Jack the Rancher!


Do Battle with 3 insidious enemies! (You can spam attack if you want to die.)

Ride a horse!

Sprinkle Ale on your crops!

The whole game takes about 11 mins and 37 seconds!

A story suggested by Insanity Jam Game Idea Generator!
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3.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest reviews

At first I did understand how to use items and weapons, but that IS actually part of the game strategy. Figuring how to do without having the option to equip nor having a menu access.

When the character leaves the farm going west, and then ending up[ on the west side of the forest baffled me, and I informed the developer.

Finally, the end of the game needs a few tweaks, and I am sure that we will be seeing an updated version shortly.

I liked the challenge to figure out how to fight and also liked the music.