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Extra Message Codes Plugin (RMMV)

MV 1.3 Extra Message Codes Plugin (RMMV) 1.6

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Name: Extra Message Codes Plugin
Version: 1.6
Author: Companion Wulf
Release Versions:
1.6 (Public) - 27 November 2016
1.5 (Public) - 5 August 2016
1.1 (Public) - 28 June 2016
1.0 (Public) - 24 June 2016

NOTE: This is no longer being updated as a separate plugin. It's being integrated as a QEngine add-on, with a plethora of added message escape codes, including for some of my other plugins/add-ons.

The updated QEngine add-on version contains pronouns (he/she, him/her and his/hers).

This plugin adds a number of control characters to messages:
  • Actor – Actor age, gender and last name.
  • Battles – Number of battles and battles won and fled.
  • Message Box – Align center, left or right.
  • Party – Number of followers, total gold in party, party leader, party size and number of steps.
  • Save – Number of saved games and save enabled/disabled.
  • System – Game version number.
  • Time/Date – Time, date and playtime.

This is now out-of-date, but I'll upload an up-to-date-one later.

Use the following in Message boxes:

\aage[x] – Actor age. Set each actor’s age in the Actor notes section of the Database to <age:xx>, where xx is the character’s age. x is the Actor number.

\agnd[x] – Actor gender. Set each actor’s gender in the Actor notes section of the Database to <gender:Male> or <gender:Female>. x is the Actor number.

\alnm[x] – Actor last name. Set each actor’s last name in the Actor notes section of the Database to <lastname:xxxx>, where xxxx is the last name of your choice. x is the Actor number.

You can then use the actors’ full names with: \n[x] \al[x]

\btc – Total number of battles.

\btw – Number of battles won.

\bte – Number of battles fled.

\map – Displays the current map display name.

\align[x] – Align text (x = 0: Center, 1: Left, 2: Right). Note: The center align isn’t perfect, but it’s functional. However, the text doesn’t have additional whitespace when centered.

\pfl – The number of followers in the party.

\pgl – Shows the total amount of gold in the party.

\pld – Shows the current party leader. Note: This can also be done with \p[1], but I figured this would be easier.

\psz – The total party size (including party leader).

\step – Number of party steps.

\nsav – Number of saved games.

\save – Displays whether save is enabled/disabled.

\vers – Version number (set in Plugin Manager).

\date – Displays the current (local) date.

\ptm – Game play time.

\time – Displays the current (local) time.

As far as I know, there aren't any bugs, as I have tested it.

Download the ZIP file and extract the CW_MessageCodes.js file directly into the JS folder in your RMMV project.

You are free to use this in non-commercial projects, but please refer to the RPG Maker Times Terms of Use for other details, including commercial use.

Credit "Companion Wulf" or "RPG Maker Times" if using this plugin in your projects.

I'm open to suggestions for things to add, things that aren't available in other message plugins. No guarantees, but I'll look into them for future updates.

For anyone who's interested:

In creating the plugin, which was originally designed for use in Otherworld as part of the OW Engine, I wanted certain functions that aren't used in other message plugins.

Because Otherworld requires some specific functions I added them to the OW Engine and decided to separate them and publicly release the resultant plugin.

Most of the message systems (notably Yanfly's Message Core plugin) have some very useful functions. However, many are lacking certain features that may or may not be desired.
Companion Wulf
First release
Last update
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Latest reviews

what a great idea! this will be so handy.
Companion Wulf
Companion Wulf
Thanks! =) I'm sure in time a few more will be added, pending inspiration and suggestions.