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Enemy 1 Battler from Likha World

MV 1.3 Enemy 1 Battler from Likha World 2016-10-20

No permission to download
This is the first enemy that the main character of Likha will face. Look forward to also getting the Enemy 1 character sheet and sv_actor sheet.

Here is Enemy 1 facing our main character from Likha. He is tealish in color, and has some see through parts.


The black sv_actor is the main character and IS NOT available for usage, without permission from MinisterJay.

Resource Usage Agreement:

1. Credit MinisterJay or Jay Harrison when using this resource.
2. This resource is FCU: Free for Commercial Use.
3. Give MinisterJay a courtesy message that resource has been used in a project.
*Optional* 4. Give MinisterJay a free copy of project that has resource in it.
*Optional* 5. Give MinisterJay a small royalty on very successful commercial projects.
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