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MV 1.3 DK Custom Vehicles 1.0

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### Description ###
Adds ground vehicles

### Features ###
  • Create an unlimited number of ground transport
  • Setting speed, start position, graphics, BGM and regions
  • Plugin commands to change the transport parameters

### Warning ###
The plugin contains the settings in the file

Be careful with downloading plugins to the project folder
Some plugins have settings in his file
At update this settings can be overwritten

### Instruction ###
Open the DK_Custom_Vehicles.js and customize vehicles within the field "Plugin settings"

Plugin commands:
1. Change Vehicle BGM
TYPE - Vehicle type
NAME - BGM name
VOLUME - Volume
PITCH - Pitch
PAN - Panorama
Example: ChangeVehicleBGM bike Ship1 100 100 0

2. Set Vehicle Location
SetVehicleLocation [TYPE] [MAP ID] [X] [Y]
TYPE - Vehicle type
MAP ID - Map id
X - The X coordinate
Y - The Y coordinate
Example: SetVehicleLocation bike 2 1 1

3. Change Vehicle Image
ChangeVehicleImage [TYPE] [NAME] [INDEX]
TYPE - Vehicle type
NAME - Image name
INDEX - Image index
Example: ChangeVehicleImage car Vehicle 0

4. Set Vehicle Speed
SetVehicleMoveSpeed [TYPE] [SPEED]
TYPE - Vehicle type
SPEED - Speed
Example: SetVehicleMoveSpeed car 4

### License and terms of use for plugin ###
You can:
-Free use the plugin for your commercial and non commercial projects.
-Translate the plugin to other languages (please, inform, if you do this)

You can't:
-Delete or change any information about plugin (Title, authorship, contact information, version and release)
-Change code of plugin out of border "Plugin settings" and "End of plugin settings" (if you found a bug contact me)
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