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Day And Night

MV 1.3 Day And Night 1.2.2

No permission to download
It is no longer abaliable to download
Cannot be downloaded
Can't download the plugin. Are you gonna fix that?
Simple and effective :) Nnice work !
fantastic i love it so much.
OOOoooo Now I have visible time, YES!
Yet another absolutely perfect plugin by you LTN! I am in awe at how easy it is to put to use.
Does what it does with no fuss or bother. It took me no time at all to get this up and running (and I'm as dumb as they come in these respects...). I'd have given more stars still if I had been able, by Event, to change the Game Time (when sleeping, leap forward 6 hours, for example...). Next plug-in to come, maybe..?
LTN Games
LTN Games
Glad you like it :) You can do so much with the current time engine alone, I plan on making a demo explaining how to accomplish what you're looking to do plus many many more things. Stay tuned for a demo.
Oh Boy I am in for a treat!
I really like that you can customize your tint
and is able to have a special tint on special occasions!
LTN Games
LTN Games
Yea, it's always nice to have some day and night cycles in any project. Glad you like it, one of the easier plugins I've ever created lol