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Dark MV-Tan custom emotionset

Dark MV-Tan custom emotionset 2016-01-23

No permission to download
"Whut is that ?"
That's MV-tan's opposite i made up... because reasons? She's more the girl who starts to cry if she slips and she's scared of getting hurt so be nice to her~ My headcannon for her is to be like a stalker of MV-tan who wanna be as tough as her one day but she keeps failing. I don't think of her as a villain but you can actually do with her whatever you want~

Free to use for anyone who wants to use it but credit @Lulu for the character and me cunechan for the graphic. The full emoset is only for those who download it.
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This one has the same issues as the other, pretty much.Her eyes are a bit more defined here, but now they almost blend into the purple/pink of her cheeks. Another issue specific to this one is that the outline of her face now clashes with her hair because it isn't very dark, giving it a bit of a halo. It's nice to see the variation in color, though :)