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Cyanides Icons_ Gems and Globes

MV 1.3 Cyanides Icons_ Gems and Globes 1.1

No permission to download

Added some Icons to enlarge your iconset. You can add this icons by opening the 'iconset.png' you are using and adding the icons to the sheet, you can enlarge your iconset in height with your prefered graphic editing software and add this gems and globes at the end.

Terms of use:

✓ You must own a legal version of RPG Maker MV to use these edits and credit goes to Kadokawa.
✓ Can be used non commercial and commercial.
✓ Because time consume of creating/editing the tilesets kindly credit me 'Cyanide'. You do not have to credit me for any image you are sharing with the rpgmakermv.co community. But outside e.g Youtube I highly appreciate If you could mention/credit me.
✓ You can edit them like you want but still credit me too please.
X You are not allowed to post my tileset somewhere else without my
permission but you can link to this thread.

Have fun.
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Latest reviews

These runes are perfect!! I can't wait to use them! Thank you for such good quality icons. :)
Sei la migliore ! :D Your'e the best *-*
Simply amazing! I was actually looking for detailed gems (since TOTL uses crystals and such to house the spirits) These will work perfectly for that, thanks! Makes my job easier since I don't have to make em now heh.
these gems are so pretty! i will definitely have a use for this in my projects -- thanks so much for sharing with the community : )
More mv only icon. Thank you for this download. One more thing i can mark off my list is gem icons. I am so swamp my self this helps out a lot.