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MV 1.3 CT_Bolt's Stamina System 2.3b

No permission to download
A simple stamina system per request by LadyLegend. (cool)
I tried that plugin and it doesn't give me the option to assign the variable like yours did. It also requires I use that plugins images and etc. I already have a plugin for my gauges. If it isn't too much of a task can you make that plugin file for me (and can I add what you made for me before to it at the bottom)?
What this does:
Allows the player to set a stamina system which limits the how long the player dashes. The stamina is also stored/linked to a Game Variable set via the Parameters.

How to use:
All the setup is done via the Parameters for the plugin. (cool)

For those looking to display a bar for the variable I found this by Galv...
Variable Bar Plugin by Galv: Click Here to View
There are many other plugin options out there for displaying game variables also. (wink)
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Now includes CTB_TextDisplay v.1a

    Added a new preview of a plugin called CTB_TextDisplay. See demo for details. Displaying...
  2. v2.3 Now when you change the stamina game variable it will also change players stamina.

    Now when you change the stamina game variable it will also change players stamina. Before...
  3. v2.2 Added Features. Parameter: Auto-Refill, Function: percent_of_stamina()

    v2.2 Added Features Parameter: Auto-Refill Function: percent_of_stamina()

Latest reviews

this adds some great functionality. kudos!
Awww thanks Star!
If you think of anything I could add let me know.
I have been considering placing a gauge set by parameters.
...like over the Players head or fixed HUD on screen.