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Colorful Trees! (RTP Edit)

Colorful Trees! (RTP Edit)

No permission to download
Colorful Tree (4).png
Colorful Tree (3).png
~ Colorful trees! ~
Colorful Tree (6).png
Colorful Tree (1).png

Colorful Tree (7).png
Colorful Tree (5).png
Colorful Tree (2).png

The file below named "$Tree_Rainbow%(24)" needs Galv's Character Frames Script to work properly but the rest are standard characters.​


Also I have the speed & frequency set to 1 (slowest) for it to look best... but that setting might vary for each user.​

Have fun! (glad)
Please share you maps here, I'd love to see what you come up with. (cute)(cool)

Terms of Use:
  • Feel free to use in Commercial or Non-Commercial games.
  • You may edit this if you like; Please let me know and post your edit here.
  • Please do not re-post this anywhere else, link back instead.
  • Please notify me & credit CT_Bolt if used.
  • Must also credit KADOKAWA (RTP Edit)
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excellent quality, and they come as spritesheets so i can actually use them XD great work friend
Thanks for the review! ☺
If you have any suggestions for new edits/resources/add-ons let me know.