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Change Max Battlers and Followers 0.1

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A quick fix for changing Followers and Battlers.
Hope you enjoy it.
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How can I use this plugin? I changed the max followers and battlers
but it didn't do anything.
Someone know how to help me?
This is amazing, i used it in my Game to make a battle System, where the player needs to decide how he is going to set the Order of his party and it worked as great as i wanted.

8/5Points dude.
I have tested it with five and it did awesome. Cannot wait to test with 8.
Excellent! I only have one question... I'm currently using 5 party members thanks to the plugin. The issue is that it only shows 4 names/stats at a time. When the 5th in line has his turn, it automatically goes down but still only shows 4 members. Is there any way to change this so that I can see all 5 names? Thanks again for the plugin!
Did not think about that when i made this.

I will look into it ;)
Thanks for the feedback!
Excellent! Description, Help text, etc might need updating as I noticed it was from the Window Translucency plugin you made. But, the plugin is functional. Awesome job, eivl! ;)
Yeah, i will Fix this after my vication :)
Does exactly what it says on the tin, works perfectly no problems.