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Cartoonish Battle Cloud 2016-06-15

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So I was thinking of doing something like Drifty has going for his "Dungeons of Driftwood" for my game "Ebony Stars". He wants to make use of a cartoony battle cloud style of random encounter (the event will look like a cloud often seen in cartoon fights).

So, since I also want to use this idea (but mine will be futuristic lol) here's something I made to fit the theme for it. This is a very quick design that took literally about 3 minutes to complete. I made use of Photoshop brushes and cut up some enemy battlers and weapons and resized them all to fit the 48 pixel character sheet.

To get this to work as intended I recommend these settings:
Speed = 8 x slower
Frequency = Normal or Higher
Direction Fix
Stepping Animation on
Walking Animation on

And so we have the world's first MV battle cloud for random encounters (as far as I know lol). So as usual, definitely no need to credit on this as I didn't make the brushes or characters used in this, but if you feel like it it is appreciated! Enjoy the puffy goodness of doom!

Note: There's only one type for now, but it is highly customizable and I'll likely make an entire full set character sheet with this as my template. I may even use different variants of the cloud from opaque to transparent and so on with different colors and such. But for now, this is the start!

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