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[BETA] BG Audio Control

MV 1.1 [BETA] BG Audio Control 1.0

No permission to download
Still In Beta, may contain bugs, please report all bugs to the WIP resource thread.

Preview of the Bgs auto off.

What does this plugin do?

I noticed that when I had one map set with a bgs enabled, that when transferring to another map, would still play the previous bgs from other map. This plugin will stop the bgs if the map you're transferring to, does not have an auto bgs enabled in the map’s settings.

Map Bgm
I have also included the bgm to stop as well if the map you’re transferring to, bgm setting is empty and not enabled.

If the maps bgs or bgm is not empty MV will proceed to resume it’s normal tasks and this plugin will not do anything.

If you don't want the plugin to stop the bgs for certain maps, you can use the plugin command on the transfer in to map and on the transfer back out.

Battle Bgm
You can now transfer over the bgm playing currently on the map you are on to play as the battle bgm.

Not for commerical use(yet)
Must give credit to LTN Games

Please do not share anywhere outside of rpgmakermv.co without permission from LTN Games.
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