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Battle Weather 2015-10-26

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This might not seem like a big deal, but do you have some weather effects on your map? For example, you’re walking through a snowy fortress and it is currently snowing on the map, but then when you enter battle…it’s not snowing.

While that may or may not desirable, RPGMaker MV doesn’t give you much choice: there are no weather effects in battle.

You can test it yourself:

1. On a map, create an event that will add some snow weather effects.
2. When you run the event, it should start snowing
3. When a battle begins, the snow effect stops.
4. After the battle, the snow effect resumes.

So even if it’s heavily snowing on the map, your battlefield will be perfectly clean.

With this plugin, you can have your weather effects carry over into battle!
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Latest reviews

My character: Hey, somethings different about this battle.....OH MY!
it's snowing! This is amazing! Why has this not happened before now? I feel pumped to kill this enemy!
(after a few seconds snow lands in his eye)
My character: Wha....ow! Oh, crap! Snow in my eye, Gosh that stings.
Whose idea was it to add weather in battles? Oh wait......me.

In all seriousness though, Great plugin. I love it, thanks for making it!
Brilliant idea! Adds a bit more realism to the game too.
Works perfectly without a problem. Definitely deserves 5 stars :)
Thanks for the feedback.
Yet another amazing plugin that should be in the core program :D