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Ballden Facing Bullies Board Game Adventure [Browser][Windows]

Ballden Facing Bullies Board Game Adventure [Browser][Windows] 2016-12-12

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Bullying has no boundaries. It cannot be defined by just one's gender, race, creed, nor nationality. That is one of the reason that I am using Ball People in this game. You cannot tell if someone is a bully by what they look like.

In this game you will find that characters use compliments, friendly jokes, and praising instead of attacking. When successful, the bully gets closer to being a friend. The bullies attack through insulting and some may try to reduce willpower. Characters have Will Power (WP) instead of hitpoints (HP).

Come join Ballden, as he collects Friendship Tokens and converts bullies into friends, so that his friends Shellie and Limeon can help him face the Bully Boss.

This game attempts to implement 'Tru 2D', where there is no depth dimension. The 4-sided die that is 'rolled', and is viewed in dialogue box is an exception to this concept.



Two versions were deployed. The BROWSER version can be played immediately online, and the WINDOWS deployment version is available below the description field. Please notify me, if a MacOS version is requested.

Plugin: zeon
Artwork and images: MinisterJay
Game Development: MinisterJay
Ball People and Ball World: MinisterJay
First release
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