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MV 1.3 Auto Bust Version 1.5

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Auto Bust v1.3
By LTN Games

DISCONTINUED All plugins will be rewritten and open sourced. http://fenixenginemv.gitlab.io/

If you would like to see a demo project of this plugin in action be sure to check the demo I uploaded here.
If you have bust images(Full Portrait Characters) then this plugin is for you. Auto bust plugin will automatically detect if your pictures folder contains a bust image matching the name & index of the face you selected in the show text command and display it above the message window.

  • Auto detection of bust images – If none is available it will proceed to the default behavior and show the face you selected.
  • Pre-check for all images. You can choose to manually enter in the filenames of your bust images so that this plugin can check for file existence on game boot up. Recommended for smoother web browser performance.
  • Mirror the image, and choose the position (Left/Right) with simple script calls.
  • Y offset for large bust images
  • Z Priority, for when you have other plugins that may interfere by being drawn above the bust image or below the bust image.
Special Features
  • TDDP Preloadmanager 1.1.1 plugin parameter, all the bust images you use in the pre-check array can be merged with the array of pictures the preload manager uses.
LTN AutoBust.gif

How to Use
To install, place LTN_AutoBust.js in your plugins folder and turn it on. The plugin contains documentation.

Comming Soon!

See download button above!

Future Plans:

Allow for setting of own filenames to look for, instead of relying on the face image(s) name & index.

Slide in and slide out effect

Animate bust images via message codes.
LTN Games
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Changed download link

    Just updated the download link to direct you to my websites download page for this plugin.
  2. MV 1.3 Compatability Update

    Updated plugin to work with the latest MV version 1.3.
  3. Removed Yanfly Message Compatability

    I've removed yanfly message core compatibility as I am getting issues with his unaliased...

Latest reviews

Update it buddy need more function you are a beast
Awesome! I've been looking for this all over the place. Thanks for putting it up!

Will be looking forward to the demo so we can see how to use it to its full capacity :)
LTN Games
LTN Games
To be honest I forgot all about making a demo,, I have a bit of free time this weekend I will upload a demo sometime this weekend. Thanks for the review I'm glad you like it so far.
I love this script, it's pretty useful
This works and is pretty handy :D Thank you so much for sharing~
Excelent plugin, pretty use full :D
Very useful plugin (and well executed). It works well too. Will likely be using it often. :)
LTN Games
LTN Games
Thanks for the review and I'm glad you like it :)
The love having this option for dialogues. Another plus, is that you put your name in the file name. This is very helpful to quickly find the person to credit without having to open the file.
LTN Games
LTN Games
Glad you like it, it makes things look much less RM and more unique. Yes, I always put LTN in my filenames, easier to sort through. Thanks for the review.
pretty useful i think XD
LTN Games
LTN Games
It's very useful, especially if you use bust images in your game. Plug and play makes it easier. Thanks for the simple review ;)
wow, this is extremely handy -- will check out and report back any bugs i encounter
LTN Games
LTN Games
Thanks for the review. I never tested every angle so I would be very greatfull for any feedback and bug reports you may come up with. Thanks again.