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Adv Ship

MV 1.3 Adv Ship 8.0

No permission to download
Link to my Site Jodis Game's

I have tryed to make this with the entent that you can make this in any direction or size. with the option to customize it anyway you wish. Feel free to edit this add or remove. As long as I get credit for the original.

This tileset has Sails


Examples Of direction and size veriations that can be done with this tileset.

The fish can be found here at Degica Web site

Credit: Jodis, Sinnistar

Jodis (Ship)
Sinnistar (Light for lighthouse) without him we would not have a working lighthouse.

You can use this for commercial or free games. I used MV Tiles so you will need to own MV to use them. You may edit and re-post. Just give us credit for the originals.

You can even add Lighthouse's to your game with this set and the basic set as well.
First release
Last update
4.82 star(s) 17 ratings

Latest updates

  1. World Tiles update

    Forgot to add the world tiles to the zip file sorry everyone. I was swamped.
  2. Rail update

    Just saw that i had 2 missing rail peaces. Only Update i will make to this resource now is errors.
  3. Sunken wrecked ship

    Adding tiles for a sunken wrecked ship.

Latest reviews

Nice, I wish they added a boat tile set for MV by default
If you go to the japan site you will find one to download I did and tried it. It is only facing one way to the left but there are tiles you might want to add. here is the link for you all it is at the tkool site.
Such a wonderful tileset. You can bet I am crediting you.
Glad you all like it.
I bought the official Pirate Ship tileset sold by the developer, but it was made for VXAce and looked terrible in MV. THis ship tileset was a huge blessing. It looks great and is easy to use.
Pretty Great :3 thx will give credit
Very Nice . Keep it upbgood work
Great work! I like this. Thank you!
wow! this is very useful!
Wow,this looks awesome, I've been trying to make a pirate game but My makeshift pirate ship looked like crap, glad I found this way to go!
I like this! You're the best!
Thank you very much.
Great Job. Hope i can do just as well.
Thank you. very much