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Achievements Pro

MV 1.3 Achievements Pro 1.02

No permission to download
Exactly what I need! Veri Good Plugin, excellent
It's a good plugin! But...
I'm using Yanfly's Main Menu Manager and when I add the line to call the achievement menu that you have on the description it doesn't work and gives me a load of errors. I typed ''SceneManager.push(upp_openAchievementsViewer)''
It's a really good Pluggin, it works really fine and gives your game a lot of different things to do
I just need help figuring out what the "Command Sybol" is
the best achievment plugin ♥
Thanks~ I'm now capable of making one much better tho lol, just haven't gotten around to it yet xD
A really nice little plugin!
However, like other people have said, it'd be nice to have the option to view the achievements screen from the title screen (perhaps even better if it works with scripts like MOG's)
Also, it'd be great to have the option to put custom icons / images for each achievement.
Otherwise, very good work! Will definitely use this!
It seems to not be working in my game (MV 1.5.1)
I admire it but I am curious if there is a way to add
an achievement tab to the Title Screen of my project with
RPG Maker. If you have any hints or can tell me the easiest way I'd appreciate it. (I am a mapper and usually I am a one man band.) Don't let my ideal wishes hinder the rating, I love it. I am just trying to find a way to keep achievements after in-game deaths.
I have the ability now to make this possible, but no its not possible with this version. Now the question is, will my procrastination get the best of me.. xD (get it.. PRO-crasti... nvm)
Can't download anymore, neither can you download the day / night one either :/ a real shame, I was looking forward to adding this in.
Email me TheUnproPro@gmail.com I'll send you the script, not sure why it wont let you download this o.O
Muito bom! Script excelente!
Thanks, remember to copy any graphics/audio you might use from this plugin to your exported game otherwise you'll get an error
It's easy to use once you get the hang of it and was really helpful!
Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for this plugin!
Thank you for this nice plugin!Nice UI and simple to use.
But I think it'll be better if can return to mainmenu while rightclick.
I'll be making a completely new and updated version soon, ;) much better & mobile controls
Thank you for this plugin! It is a lot of fun so far! I only have a question if there is a way to change the achievements per page to a lower number (possibly 8) and include more room for name & description text? :)
Sadly no, because I fail at coding lol
Super plugin. Easy to use and with great potention. Thanks! :-D
Hands down, I love this plugin.
Could you possibly do a youtube tutorial Im new and i would love this in my game
It's a good plugin that should motivate players to poke around every noo'n'crany of a game. Especially for completionists. It'd motivate them. Sure there are finishist who just play the game, but as a completionist myself, I love getting every achieve possible! And that, is what this plugin is for!
Glad you're enjoying it =D
Great, but it's not perfect.

A few things to consider in the upcoming versions:

1. In the current version (1.02) we cannot exit the achievements screen with right-clicking. This may also be a problem when doing a dual touch to exit on mobile.

2. When having a custom game screen resolution (such as 1024 x 576), I had to modify some values in the source code to make the UI fit. Please add this functionnality in the plugin.

3. For the Extra section (the popup), I'd like to be able to modify the font size since the bottom of the text is slightly cutoff for some characters (such as the letters 'g' or 'j') in 16:9 resolutions.
I'll do better next time :) thanks for notifying me of these issues