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A Relic in the Jungle [Contest 4/2019]

A Relic in the Jungle [Contest 4/2019] 1.1

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This our entry for the RMMV Game Dev Contest 2019.

There is a relic that can grant a person one wish if that person can find it. Gareth has a hunch of where the relic will be and goes with William to tell Caitlin how they can bring her father Sean back to life. William, Caitlin, and Gareth decides to go to an uncharted island to find the ancient Azor Ruins that contains the relic. As Gareth is left behind to watch over the boat, William and Caitlin traverse through the jungle and face against aggressive animals and other foes. When they find the Azor Ruins, they go inside and find rooms that present different puzzles. When the puzzle in the room is solved, they are presented with a gem. The gems from each room serve as keys to an ancient gate. Behind the gate contains the relic. Though they are not the only ones who seek the relic.

It's a short lite-rpg with a jungle to explore and puzzles to solve in the ancient ruins. There's no leveling up for this game and it features a battle system where the player has to balance out the two characters strategically in combat.
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