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[2015 CCE Gold Medal] Granny Xaebie's Christmas Pie (Mac) UPDATED 12/17/15

[2015 CCE Gold Medal] Granny Xaebie's Christmas Pie (Mac) UPDATED 12/17/15 Version 1.02

No permission to download
On the day before Christmas Granny Xaebie notices that the Christmas Pie is missing. Her granddaughter Maedi must go out and find the ingredients. What will this young orc girl have to do to get all of the ingredients? What tests will she have to confront? Will she learn more about the spirit of Christmas? Come journey with Maedi as she looks for the ingredients for the pie...and do not forget the orc sword.


Title Screen: Soulpour777 (Soul)
Battlers: Thalzon
Flora Artwork: Ayeone and BenBen, (Do own XP to be able to use BenBen's)
General Graphics: Enterbrain
Plugins: Mirai and eivl
Jingle Bells: Myuu
Game Design/Writer/Parallax Mapper: MinisterJay

NOTE: This is the Mac build version.
NOTE: If game starts at bakery, please download update.


'War' is pretty big. Yes, you can have the map scenery be part of your battlebacks....


"Those are MUSHROOMS up there....not BERRIES"


How can you 'Ignore' this fellow while searching for berries?

Play "Granny Xaebie's Christmas Pie to find out.
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest reviews

This game was awesome and it was also a very good learning experience because I have an RPG Maker MV game that's almost completed. Thank you very much.
Thanks you for reviewing this game JHS905. This game won the gold medal for the 2015 CCE.