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  1. Wize1

    Trees Idea and Work

    Very nice.
  2. Wize1

    Crow Design needs YOU

    (no paid positions) (must be at least 18 years old) Hello. Are you a young aspiring artist? I don't mean a natural-born picasso. I just mean... do you want to create? Whether it's drawing characters, sketching landscape, blueprinting architecture, planning out a dungeon, writing character bios...
  3. Wize1

    Giving real things a new name?

    That's quite clever. Thanks.
  4. Wize1

    Giving real things a new name?

    I'm specifically talking about the "katana" sword in this thread. I want to have them in my rpg, but I don't want to name them "katana" -- What else could I do? If I give them a new name but have the same look, won't people just say "oh, it's a katana" anyways?
  5. Wize1

    You found out your Paid Artist is plagiarizing something?

    Forget all the legal stuff. The point is, he almost copied it to a T. He probably would have made it identical if it wasn't illegal. Get rid of him, get someone else who is going to make your work look original and legit. If I was paying an artist and he tried to get away with that, he'd get a...
  6. Wize1

    Still alive?

    Nice to meet you. It seems many of my kind are extinct. I'm glad life is still to be found here. :p
  7. Wize1

    Still alive?

    Hello. Long time no see. Miss many of my old friends from the rpg maker community. Who's still alive from the good ol' days? lol
  8. Wize1

    intro/ make a drug

    Metamorphosodone Tricks your brain to think you are an animal Different strands like Bunny Kush which is pink Buffalo Drow which brown makes you a buffalo You smoke it like weed from a bong, mayne *hits dat ish* Whoaaaa, I want some LETTUCE and CARROTS, bro! *hop hop hop*
  9. Wize1

    Introducing myself

    Plenty of knowledge and support here. Just ask. :) For 2 years I asked ALOT of questions.
  10. Wize1

    [PAID REQUEST] script/plugin for troop placement window

    What is the pay per hour for this kind of job? How many hours it take? How much per hour does the worker normally make for this work? If there is a problem perhaps we can waiver.
  11. Wize1

    Help, please... *fixed*

    I have a plugin that works if you want it. I don't know how to fix yours. I just found one on the net. I don't know where I found it. but I have it if you want to download from me.
  12. Wize1


    Your saying that map making is relaxing?
  13. Wize1


    This is the unofficial forum for rpg maker MV. This site is both for socializing and actually getting help with your project or on how to use rpg maker. Xyphien is the owner and runs the forum, he's cool. I just been around since 2015 learning as much as I can. If you're trying to get something...
  14. Wize1

    [PAID REQUEST] script/plugin for troop placement window

    I need the troop placement window to correctly scale to the resolution ive set in yanfly core engine which is 1920x1080. When the battle starts, although I placed the troop to spawn in the clouds, it just won't go up high enough in the actual battle even though its at the very top of the troop...