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Recent content by Sonicboy95

  1. Sonicboy95

    Tales of the Lumminai - Assistance Wanted

    thanks. I'm a big fan of your youtube tutorials.
  2. Sonicboy95

    Video Game (and Anime) Crushes

    Actually I didn't make it, it was someone who I think is no longer around. I just came in and dominated it. And people call ME messed up, I think you have show that you sir are a better psycho than me. I salute you.
  3. Sonicboy95

    [PAID]Custom Game Logo / Title Graphic Shop

    Man all of those samples look like they came right out of a anime game. I really like your work.
  4. Sonicboy95

    Artwork Requests

    I don't have enough money to pay for every character that just came to my mind looking at your artwork. Its that good. I will be using your services in the future.
  5. Sonicboy95

    Video Game (and Anime) Crushes

    I don't have any crushes, They all just LOVE me and want to be around me. Though it is scary to wake up and find a lamia in your bed. Sigh........almost time for another one to join me, looks like I need another doctor appointment.
  6. Sonicboy95

    Anime Thread

    I watched that a long time ago. If I were a jerk then I would take this moment to spoil the ending but I'm a gentlemen so I will not do that. Just watch out for *****************************************************. Witch Chaika do you mean? The red or white one or both? While I do like the...
  7. Sonicboy95

    Anime Thread

    I could tell you like SAO from your Asuna pic, which is nice by the way.
  8. Sonicboy95

    Anime Thread

    I would have cast create undead to revive this thread but i'm busy as the overlord of anime watching all the new ones and rewatching some of my favs. Once my task is done I shall cast message to tell you all about my adventures, until then this is lord ainz ooul gown logging off. if you didn't...
  9. Sonicboy95

    Show your workspace!

    I have the perk chart too, it on my wall. I look at it everyday while I play fallout.
  10. Sonicboy95

    Show your workspace!

    FALLOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool Robin and Lucina amiibos. I want them!
  11. Sonicboy95

    Character Costume Design

    When I design a character for my game world I use the logic of my game world. For example, if I decide to make a world that has its own set of rules apart from our world then I make the character based that the rules of that world. If by chance (wink,wink) that my game world doesn't make sense...
  12. Sonicboy95

    Can we talk about this?

    Take that previous generation! You mock us when we advanced, you laughed at us when we spoke of technology, Now we have covered the earth in it, we are everywhere and we are all ways watching hahahahahaha. *cough* uh ahem. Sorry about that, let out my inner NSA there for a minute. Anyway, you...
  13. Sonicboy95

    Why hello Etna you she devil. I still haven't forgiven you for Etna mode even though it was...

    Why hello Etna you she devil. I still haven't forgiven you for Etna mode even though it was awesome. Poor Laharl, I wonder if that bump is still there on his head?
  14. Sonicboy95

    Need help! some sort of type error?

    After reading LTN games post, I figured out the answer and that made me realize how dumb I can be like reading death note for the first time. If only I could be like light yagami..........without becoming an insane cold hearted killer of course.
  15. Sonicboy95

    Yeah I know I've been gone for some time. thanks for the welcome. Things were busy for me for a...

    Yeah I know I've been gone for some time. thanks for the welcome. Things were busy for me for a while but now I have some time to myself again. good to be back!