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  1. Selvalanch

    Variable for player inventory.

    this look hard since i have a lot of item to do. thank you for reply.
  2. Selvalanch

    How to Only show certain parts of the inventory

    Ah, My bad. It's here. in " makeCommandList " Function.
  3. Selvalanch

    How to Only show certain parts of the inventory

    Open rpg_windows.js look at line 1888 - 1893 Window_ItemCategory Function. Copy this function and paste it in new js file. delete 'item' 'weapon' 'armor' line. save. then add your new js file to game as plugin.
  4. Selvalanch

    Completed [Script] Add-on to Quasi's ABS for spritesheets

    Use his Qprite plugin. it can set custom pose to use with QABS.
  5. Selvalanch

    Variable for player inventory.

    I want to save the player inventory in variable. the goal is to make a system when player failed the quest map or decide to retire. player inventory will reset back to where before they start a quest and lost all item they gather in a map. keep only exps and levels. Is it possible to do this?
  6. Selvalanch

    Need to remake a sprite sheet AGAIN!. "OTL

    Need to remake a sprite sheet AGAIN!. "OTL
  7. Selvalanch

    side view or first person veiw due to lack of resource

    Battle system is the first thing i look and i prefer side view over front view. but if the story, sound, the area design is good or some system in game is fun to play. i don't care about battle system anymore. at least if player side have a face graphic. I'm fine with front view battle.
  8. Selvalanch

    How does the title and idea of this game sound feel free to give any adivce imopen

    It might be good if player can choose to build their character with one or two elements they want since they have to play at least 2 round for each violence route and pacifist route. the problem is balance.
  9. Selvalanch

    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    from the first look. i thought a green area is a room... not much today. just finish my own custom SV battler sheet for study battle motion. need to fix it more once i learn how to use battle motion plug-in
  10. Selvalanch

    Graphics Marble Floor Animation

    Spooky enough for Horror Genre.
  11. Selvalanch

    Event based on present party (not reserve)

    Is your Active Party means Party Members who go in battle ? if that case. use script call $gameActors.actor(id).isBattleMember() for condition
  12. Selvalanch

    Tint background only

    Thanks! this is the thing i want!
  13. Selvalanch

    Tint background only

    Is there a way to left character or event not tint when i use tint screen command?
  14. Selvalanch

    Party Passive Skill

    I have thought about game player can freely change every party members and want to have a passive skill that affect a whole party regardless any actors in the party. For example : a skill that boost every party members HP by 500 , increase item drop rate , decrease elements damage , etc I think...
  15. Selvalanch

    Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

    I make a character sprite with walk, run and idle animation! 7 more character to do.