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  1. SecondTalon

    Animated title screen help

    If it's just a few frames, MogHunter should have something you can work with - https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-custom-title-screen/
  2. SecondTalon

    RMMV Game Contest $300 + Prizes! All entries win!

    It does appear that significantly less people finished than signed up. While that may matter for some, and it should, I'm fine with it as I pretty much just used this as an excuse to do something more focused than the typical open ended never goes anywhere slogfests I tend to prattle through...
  3. SecondTalon

    Beyond The Forest[Contest 4/2019]

    Guard. Not Gaurd. On the second screen in the cave, I knocked out and moved the first individual when the Blonde wasn't looking, and moved him behind a wall. The second I slipped behind her and hit her - but could not advance. Attempting to move her told me that I didn't need to move her -...
  4. SecondTalon

    A Relic in the Jungle [Contest 4/2019]

    I've not yet gotten past the mass of scorpions. Well, first mass past the pair...sixth gated battle, I suppose, I found it strange that the battle guide in the beginning mentioned running away, yet the only fights I encountered were fights I couldn't escape - option was completely greyed out...
  5. SecondTalon

    Project Transference [Contest 2019]

    It was short, but I'm curious as to what was going on there - body transference to a prisoner? Without knowing anything, had a major SCP vibe to that - if that wasn't your intention to make a SCP sort of horror game, you've got the start of one. Still, I found it weird that in the first scene...
  6. SecondTalon

    Fireside Tales: Land of the Lastborn [Contest 4/2019]

    Pretty straightforward, not a lot of confusion, not at all a bad start. You might want to consider adding some fail messages when looking for the rope, particularly on the vines on the wall - I think I spent about five minutes after I searched the vines and got nothing just spamming examine on...
  7. SecondTalon

    RMMV Game Contest $300 + Prizes! All entries win!

    I don't know if it's my low post count (probably) or something else, but in rechecking, I uploaded on the 24th and was approved about three hours ago. So six days. The file does show the correct date and time, though, so that should be easy to prove.
  8. SecondTalon

    RMMV Game Contest $300 + Prizes! All entries win!

    I mean, technically I spent two and a half months on it, but if we're doing individual hours.... I dunno, less than 40, maybe? The upload I provided here is still in limbo, last I checked. Not sure what the status is there. I could never get it to upload at all on the other site (though...
  9. SecondTalon

    Firearms and Flowers - Greetings From The Garden [Contest 4/2019] 1.0

    Note - Per the rules - This game includes drug uses, profanity, and acknowledges human sexuality exists. As the protagonist is a drug dealer. The game technically takes place in the future, but is more of a modern urban fantasy game and the protagonist reacts to the previously unknown elements...
  10. SecondTalon

    RMMV Game Contest $300 + Prizes! All entries win!

    Completed Games, or Demos? I know mine is nowhere near what one could reasonably call "Complete" (except maybe as Chapter I if you're being generous) but as a Demo or Proof of Concept, it's fine. I have gone ahead and uploaded it, waiting for approval. I've tagged it as [Contest 2019]
  11. SecondTalon

    RMMV Game Contest $300 + Prizes! All entries win!

    Alright, let's pretend my friend is kinda dense. I, obviously, know what I'm doing because I'm cool but when my friend goes to the resources tab here, where should my friend upload it and should he tag it something special? Is there a place I, uh, he needs to be aware to put it in the...
  12. SecondTalon

    RMMV Game Contest $300 + Prizes! All entries win!

    Piggybacking on this - I assume that assets I make using GIMP specifically for the project are perfectly fine to use, given that I am the creator and I'm creating them specifically for this (and also they're terrible which is the point as it plays to my strength of not being an artist)
  13. SecondTalon

    RMMV Game Contest $300 + Prizes! All entries win!

    Yeah, I'll do a thing. Solo.